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Convergence was one of over 50 entries submitted to Inkshares’ “Space Fantasy Contest”. It placed within the Top 12. Voting was based on number of pre-orders received.

“On the way out of the cabin, Jin paused in the corridor and had to put a hand to the wall in order to support himself. Disturbing images flashed through his mind and made him dizzy. He covered his mouth when he felt a twinge of nausea, and, in his gut, he knew it had been a mistake to do what he'd done. This was not how one survived in this life. Not with random acts of charity that would only end up burdening him in the long run.

The only one you can ever truly rely on is yourself, and there was no benefit in making sacrifices for the sake of someone else. If Jin had any luck left at all, maybe it would be best to hope this man didn't live through another night.”

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"Head East Headlines Decatur Again"